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After the initial break-in period of your piano, the biggest impact on tuning stability is environmental changes. Humidity affects your piano's tuning, whether you play it or not.

The change in indoor humidity from winter to summer can go from 25-35% in the winter to 60% and higher in some homes in the summer. 

One way to remedy severe climate changes is to install a climate control system.

Click the link to learn more about the systems I install.

Digital Player Systems

If you have a piano that isn’t played much, but you still enjoy the sound of live music in your home, a digital player system may be for you.  I work on several types of systems and install some as well. 

The 3 best known systems currently in production are PianoDisc, QRS and Pianomation, and the Yamaha Disklavier.  You cannot add a Disklavier system to a piano, you must purchase a piano with the system already on it. However, the PianoDisc and QRS systems offer a retrofit kit that can be added to almost any piano.  I have been installing these systems for about 15 years now.

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