Indy Piano Tuner


Piano Tuning

All pianos need tuning whether you play them or not.

A piano of thousands of moving parts that rely on fine adjustments to work properly. As parts wear or warp these parts move out of adjustment, and the piano will perform poorly.

Digital Player Installation, Sales, and Service

I am certified to install, sell, and service several types of digital player systems to meet your needs.

Finish Repair

I have experience working on finishes, including lacquer and polyester finishes.

Lacquer: minor dents, dings, and scratches.

Polyester: minor dents, dings, and scratches. Due to EPA requirements of air treatment equipment for polyester products I do not offer complete refinishing.
Smoke Restoration

Sometimes events happen that damage our homes and possessions. I routinely work with restoration companies to repair smoke/water/fire damaged instruments. I handle all aspects of the restoration, from pick up and delivery, to ozone deodorizing.

Smoke can be damaging to your piano's finish and internal components. The sooner smoke is removed the less chance it has to permanently damage your piano.
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